Looking for a "feel good" mitzvah? Can you spare an hour?  Join us as we serve dinner at The Kearney Center at 5:45 PM on the 4th Sunday of each month.

Can you help lead services?  Read Torah? Chant Haftarah? Contact the Ritual Vice President. Interested in learning to read Hebrew, adult study programs, or enrolling a child in Religion School?  Contact the Education Vice President. Find contacts on the "About Us" page.



Check the announcements each month for the I.T.E.M.  Each month we'll pick a non-perishable I.T.E.M. from the Kearney Center's wish list. Pick up an extra while you're at the grocery store and drop it off in the box in the lobby when you're at the shul. We'll take the I.T.E.M.s to the Kearney Center on the 4th Sunday of the month when we go to serve dinner.

Item of The Easy Mitzvah (I.T.E.M.)


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