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Many congregants have asked for recordings of the Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat melodies used by Rabbi Drucker during Friday nights services.  We are pleased to announce that Rabbi Drucker, along with several of her colleagues, have made recordings of these songs for the Kabbalat Shabbat Friday night service and they are now available on our Shomrei Torah website!

These files are in m4a format.


audio 1 Yedid Nefesh

By 83 downloads

Download (m4a, 3.83 MB)


audio 10 Lecha Dodi B

By 77 downloads

Download (m4a, 2.85 MB)


audio 11 Mizmor Shir L'Yom Hashabbat Tov L'hodot

By 85 downloads

Download (m4a, 1012 KB)

11-Mizmor_Shir_L'Yom_Hashabbat _Tov_L'hodot.m4a

audio 12 Mikolot Mayim

By 88 downloads

Download (m4a, 726 KB)


audio 2 Lechu Neranena

By 86 downloads

Download (m4a, 711 KB)


audio 3 Arbaim Shana and Shiru L'Adoshem

By 82 downloads

Download (m4a, 3.11 MB)

3-Arbaim_Shana_and_Shiru L'Adoshem.m4a

audio 4 Ohavei Adoshem

By 78 downloads

Download (m4a, 599 KB)


audio 5 Mizmor Shiru Psalm98

By 85 downloads

Download (m4a, 2.11 MB)


audio 6 Romemu

By 84 downloads

audio 7 Mizmor L'David

By 85 downloads

Download (m4a, 2.92 MB)


audio 8 Ana Bchoach

By 84 downloads

Download (m4a, 855 KB)


audio 9 Lecha Dodi A

By 87 downloads

Download (m4a, 3.57 MB)


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