Your donation to Congregation Shomrei Torah will help sustain and grow our shul's programs.

An online donation may be made through PayPal (or with a credit/debit card) by clicking the button below. 


NOTE: If your donation is in honor or memory of someone, please so indicate on the "Add a note" line that is displayed near the top of the payment info form. It's a small, short line and easy to overlook, but it's there! You can also use this line to designate a specific fund (if you don't mention any fund, your gift will be allocated to the General Fund).

Congregational funds include:

Debbie Sachs Fund: For future educational facilities.

Education Fund: Support the congregation’s educational programs and youth services.

General Fund: Support regular operating expenses of the congregation.

Library Fund: To purchase books to add to the Shomrei Torah library.

Marshall Harris Fund: To provide scholarships for Shomrei Torah children to attend Jewish summer camp.

Mortgage Fund: To make the synagogue’s regular mortgage payment if resources in the General Fund are insufficient.

Noah Paul Gusky Fund: Additions and upkeep for the synagogue playground.

Prayer Book Fund: For the purchase of any needed prayer books (siddurim) or chumashim.

Rabbi Fund: To pay for the transportation, accommodation, and other expenses associated with bringing visiting rabbis to Shomrei Torah.

Torah tablet plaque (located on the northwest wall in the social area): minimum donation $500. 

Tree of Life tablet leaf (located on the east wall of the lobby): to celebrate a simcha or milestone, minimum donation $75.

Tzedakah Fund: To assist members of the congregation who are experiencing sudden, unforeseen financial difficulties. 

Yahrzeit tablet plaque (located on the side walls of the bimah):  A plaque memorializing a loved one may be placed on the Yahrzeit wall inside the sanctuary. The memorial light is lit for each yahrzeit and for yizkor during the appropriate holidays. Cost of a plaque: $350. 

Music & Arts Fund: To support cultural programs at the synagogue.

Prayer Book dedication: The dedication of a prayer book (siddur) or book of the Torah text (chumash) is a uniquely appropriate way to make a gift of tzedakah which benefits the congregation. Your dedicated siddur or chumash will be kept in the pew book racks and used at services for years to come. A book plate with your specific dedication will be placed inside the front cover. The appropriate contribution for a sacred book is:

Siddur - $36

Chumash - $72



A donation by paper check may be mailed to:




TALLAHASSEE FL  32309-2272