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Your donation to Congregation Shomrei Torah will help sustain and grow our shul's programs.

An online donation may be made through PayPal (or with a credit/debit card) by clicking the button below. 


NOTE: If your donation is in honor or memory of someone, or intended for a specific congregational fund (see below), please use the "Add special instructions" line on PayPal's donation summary page to so advise before you click on the "Donate now" button. If you don't mention any particular fund on this line, your gift will be allocated to the General Fund.

Congregational funds include:

Debby Sachs Fund: For future educational facilities.

Rochel Abrams Education Fund: Support the congregation’s educational programs and youth services.

General Fund: Support regular operating expenses of the congregation.

Library Fund: To purchase books to add to the Shomrei Torah library.

Marshall Harris Fund: To provide scholarships for Shomrei Torah children to attend Jewish summer camp.

Mortgage Fund: To make the synagogue’s regular mortgage payment if resources in the General Fund are insufficient.

Noah Paul Gusky Fund: Additions and upkeep for the synagogue playground.

Prayer Book Fund: For the purchase of any needed prayer books (siddurim) or chumashim.

Rabbi Fund: To pay for the transportation, accommodation, and other expenses associated with bringing visiting rabbis to Shomrei Torah.

Torah tablet plaque (located on the northwest wall in the social area): minimum donation $500. 

Tree of Life tablet leaf (located on the east wall of the lobby): to celebrate a simcha or milestone, minimum donation $75.

Tzedakah Fund: To assist members of the congregation who are experiencing sudden, unforeseen financial difficulties. 

Yahrzeit tablet plaque (located on the side walls of the bimah):  A plaque memorializing a loved one may be placed on the Yahrzeit wall inside the sanctuary. The memorial light is lit for each yahrzeit and for yizkor during the appropriate holidays. Cost of a plaque: $350. 

Music & Arts Fund: To support cultural programs at the synagogue.

Prayer Book dedication: The dedication of a prayer book (siddur) or book of the Torah text (chumash) is a uniquely appropriate way to make a gift of tzedakah which benefits the congregation. Your dedicated siddur or chumash will be kept in the pew book racks and used at services for years to come. A book plate with your specific dedication will be placed inside the front cover. The appropriate contribution for a sacred book is:

Siddur - $36

Chumash - $72

A donation by check may be sent to:




TALLAHASSEE FL  32309-2272

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